Assessment is essential to data driven teaching.  In addition to formal, summative assessment types, teachers are using exit tickets and shorter, less “invasive” assessments to gauge student understanding of concepts.

Socrative is a user-friendly, web based tool that allows your mobile devices to act as a quick response system.  The teacher creates a quiz and students answer using a mobile device. The results appear real time, allowing students instant feedback.

Assessments can be represented using multiple- choice, true/false, and short answer.  Using a Socrative generated code, students simply log in and are put into a virtual classroom where the flow of the assessment is controlled by the teacher. Quizzes can be stored for later use or shared with colleagues.

How is the data displayed? Teachers can choose from a variety of reports to view and analyze data. Data is even available in spreadsheet format.

Suitable for pre-k through 12th grade, Socrative provides students with a new and engaging means of assessment while providing educators valuable data to drive instruction.