Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel: A Window to Common Core in Action


Fueled by technology, professional development has made some sizeable changes.  Online PD has become commonplace with Skype sessions, podcasts, and other types of video resources.

Connecting is substantially easier as teachers can now draw from an online educational community of learners to build effective practices and amp up their arsenal of teaching tools.

The Teaching Channel has designed an impressive video showcase where experts in the fields of teaching and learning collaborate to create learning resources and provide step by step common core guidance.

For more inspirational viewing, “Teaching Channel Presents” is broadcasted on Public Television on Saturdays at 4am (set your DVR). Episodes cover many aspects of Ed tech, STEM, Common Core, and The Arts.  Full versions of past episodes are housed on The Teaching Channel Website.

Aimed at grades k-5, the Teaching Channel provides an in depth look at what innovative,
Common Core aligned teaching practices look like.