Infographics: Seeing Information in a New Light

Let’s be honest. Data can be both dry and uninteresting. Text representations of data can also be complicated and difficult to understand.  In an attempt to make complex data easier to digest, teachers are using infographics as an effective means of delivery. Information + graphics= infographic, a visual representation of information. Not new to media, infographics are commonly used on news broadcasts as well as in various periodicals. National Geographic employs beautiful inforgraphics that allows the reader a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


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Infographics can effectively help our students conceptualize information. The visual nature of an infographic allows data to be conveyed quickly and efficiently while appealing to the students sense of creativity and design. Not only geared towards older children, educators can utilize infographics in the early elementary classroom as well. Allowing students to create simple infographics to represent concepts and text data can reach the visual learner while fostering 21st century skills in the classroom.

Integrating infographics can be rewarding for both students and educators alike. In order to be effective, educators must guide students in how to read and determine the main idea of the infographic. Guidance in creating an inforgraphic includes how to utilize creation tools and how to establish a general “flow” that will enable readers to grasp the concept. There are many tools to created infographics, but Glogster is most suited for the k-8 classroom. In the web 2.0 family, Glogster edu allows teachers to establish classes and monitor student work. “Glogs” can easily be shared using a variety of channels. can create more complex infographics for secondary students. Both Glogster and have extensive libraries where educators can browse pre-made infographics for lessons.

The uses of infographics are endless. Visual representations of numbers and statistics have emerged in all content areas. Social Studies teachers have turned migration and population data into visual data. Early elementary teachers assist students in creating visuals of concepts or word problems in math.  Let’s be innovative. Our visual students will benefit from our visual teaching.

For more tools to create infographics in the classroom, check out teachthougt’s 46 Tools to Make Infographics in the Classroom.


Glogster: A New Spin to Your Traditional Poster Project




Poster projects are a popular activity in the classroom.  Aside from being fun to create, students enjoy displaying knowledge in a visual format. Poster projects foster creative thinking while promoting active engagement in the learning process. Designing posters the old-fashioned way can certainly facilitate learning, but web-based tools such as Glogster bring poster making to a new level.

Glogster Edu is a web-based tool that enables the user to create online, multimedia posters complete with links, video, sound, graphics, and text.  These online posters called “glogs” can be  shared through a wide variety of channels and offers educators a wide variety of monitoring options.  Student accounts are easily managed through an educator dashboard.

Glog tips:

  • Allow students ample time to familiarize themselves with the tool. I have found that simple exploratory time in addition to modeling is most effective.
  • Provide students with samples of glogs using Glogster’s Glogpedia. Discuss the different elements and themes.
  • Discuss with students how to find appropriate media files for their Glogs.
  • Glogster is considered a social networking site. Ensure your district allows for the use of  this tool.
  • Develop a rubric for your Glogster project. Ensure students understand what their expected learning outcome is.

Glogster is ideal to integrate 21st century skills into the curriculum.  In addition to nurturing creativity, creating multimedia posters promotes a wide variety of media literacy skills using a collaborative digital environment.