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Gaming: Individualized Learning for the 21st Century Student.


IXL is a site that provides game based practice for the math and English classroom. While it is not a transformational game, it meets many of the criteria of beneficial gaming for the classroom. IXL provides math and English practice for the k-12 classroom. IXL’s game based format allows students to learn at their own pace, while working towards a clearly defined role.


ICivics was founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to assist young people to learn about government. Suitable for grades 3-12, ICivics offers a variety of games that immerse students in real world situations and foster skills that span across the curriculum.


Quandry was developed through the teacher education program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Suitable for ages 8-14, Quandry puts the player into an immersive environment where their choices effect the development of a new society. Quandry develops critical thinking and decision making skills while fostering an awareness of ethical issues.


Not yet available, but definitely worth mentioning is SimCity EDU. SimCity Edu is currently in their pilot phase and is centered on a pollution challenge. SimCity EDU is transformational play at its best, with sophisticated assessment capabilities. Students play the role of a mayor where they must make informed environmental decisions.  This game is geared towards the middle school grades and is slated for release this fall.