A New Kind of Sharing

The word “share” has developed some different connotations.  I asked my six year old what it means to share and his answer was interesting.  He said, “like how you share pictures on Facebook?”


The exchange of data and knowledge is simply a click away and has become second nature to our students. With the availability of Web 2.0 tools, students can instantaneously share web content.

Consider providing time in your classroom for students to share with their peers. This is an ideal accompaniment to the beginning of the year “getting to know you” activities. Students can research information that might be useful to  a classmate, and share it with them.

Aside from teaching how to share information, sharing lessons can also incorporate simple research techniques.

Students can share:

  • Information
  • Video clips
  • Websites
  • Self-created presentations

As we continue to challenge students to become producers of web content, rather than solely consumers, sharing content fosters open communication and the collaborative culture needed to become effective 21st century learners.


Inspiration from Champion Teachers

As we roll into the winter months, you may need an inspirational boost.  In TED’s Eight Talks from Inspiring Teachers, you will find insightful videos that will  remind you why education is such a powerful and rewarding career.



A Rotting Log: A Microcosm Worth Investigating


Photo Credit: Takomabibelot


Interesting concepts are often found in the most unsuspecting places. Consider autumn the ideal time to introduce your students to the fascinating microworld of a rotting log. Inspired by a colleague,  I have compiled some lessons that are perfect launching points into this topic.

3 Inspiring Ted Ed Talks for Teachers



The school year is underway and it seems as if someone has shot off a starting gun. Amidst the chaos, mounds of planning, implementing, testing, and grading, it is necessary to stop and gain some perspective and inspiration. Here are three Ted Talks that serve as a reminder of the human element of teaching.

Every Kid Needs a Champion– Veteran teacher Rita Pierson reminds educators that connecting with your students is essential to successful learning. Pierson eloquently states that:

“Every child deserves a champion — an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”

3 Rules to Spark Learning– Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam discusses how a life threatening condition provided him new insight into education and the role of the educator. He delves into how technology and multi-media can cultivate curiosity in the classroom.

“True Colors”– Singer/songwriter John Legend performs “True Colors” with teachers and students in mind. Through his Show Me campaign, Legend commits to breaking the cycle of poverty through education.