Video Learning With a Boy and His Robot


From mitosis to semicolons, explanations can be tricky for even the most veteran educator; especially if you are introducing a concept in an early grade. There are plenty of sites that can bring video learning into the classroom to assist educators with introducing topics, or simply providing students another way of processing information.  One of my favorites sites is BrainPOP.  Each video is led by Tim and Moby, an odd duo consisting of a boy and his robot.  Tim and Moby have a unique flair for delivering information to students in both a simple and engaging way.

Created by an immunologist and pediatrician, Avraham Kadar, M.D., Brain pop was initially used to explain difficult concepts to young patients. Currently, BrainPOP is used by educators as an effective 21st century tool to enhance curriculum content.In addition to offering animated videos relating to all content areas, BrainPOP is Common Core aligned, offers an ELL portal for English language learners, and Brain POP jr. for k-3 students.

With capabilities that reach far beyond an extensive video library, BrainPOP boasts an online educational setting that bolsters student achievement and supports professional development. “My BrainPOP” allow teachers progress monitoring, and individualized assessment creation.  Students can access games, quizzes, and other standards aligned activities. BrainPOP supports multiple learning styles and digital learning by delivering content using a wide variety of media types Completely compatible with most classroom devices, BrainPOP is an ideal integration of technology into the classroom.Most importantly, after just a few uses, Tim and Moby will surely become classroom favorites.

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