Five Stand Out TedEd Videos for the Classroom


TedEd’s claim that their lessons are worth sharing holds some serious truth. Created by skilled educators and animators, the TedEd video library offers educational media that proves both engaging and thought provoking.  After immersing myself in the TedEd video library, it is evident that these videos can serve as the perfect catalyst for meaningful classroom discussion. Here are five videos that stood out:

1. Overcoming Obstacles by Steven Claunch: How can we overcome obstacles?  Many of our greatest obstacles are actually valuable life lessons. Steven Claunch describes his experiences with a disability and how obstacles can in fact provide important opportunities.  Presented in a clear and compelling way, this talk is truly inspirational for all ages.

2. Pixar- The Math Behind The Movies by Tony DeRose:  Educators are constantly challenged with making real world connections with their students.  Teaching students how is equally important as teaching them why.Pixar- The Math Behind The Movies is for every student who has asked when algebra or geometry will ever be useful.  Pixar’s lead researcher Tony DeRose reveals the fascinating connections on how math brings our favorite characters to life.

3. Should We Eat Bugs? by Emma Bryce: Emma Bryce has captured an interesting subject in her original video– Should We Eat Bugs? Bryce delves into the idea that insects may be the answer to many of our global food dilemmas. This video is an ideal introduction to a persuasive writing unit.

4. A Brief History of Video Games(Part I) by Safwat Saleem:Students will love this animation that chronicles the history of video games. Saleem examines the major players that contributed to the evolution of the games we know today.

5. A Host of Heroes by April Gudenrath: Inspiration comes from many places. April Gudenrath explores literatures most famous heroes and the impact they have on everyday people.

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