Five Interesting Ways to Start a Lesson.


Sometimes the most interesting lessons have the most unconventional beginnings. Tech savvy educators are finding innovative ways to introduce lessons, and spark student curiosity. Try enhancing your stated learning objectives with these unique introductions:

1. Allow your students to research the topic prior to introducing it.  In most classes, the internet is readily available. For older students, Google can be used to build knowledge before the lecture. For younger students, provide them with a kid friendly site where they can read or see visuals about the topic.

2. Use a clip from YouTube or Brainpop to Spark interest and initiate discussion.

3.  Create a QR Code for students to scan to find introductory video clips, visuals, or reading material.

4.Use a word cloud to initiate discussion. Allow students to draw out the topic from the word cloud.

5. Use current events to make the topic more relatable to students. Sites such as Ted Ed, Youngzine, or Time for Kids, provides interesting  material to make real world connections.

The beginning of the lesson is often the make it or break it moment where you hook the child into the topic, or lose them. Incorporating technology into lesson introductions will foster student interest and generate engagement.

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