Three Tools for Classroom Management

Given all the variables, classroom management is tough.

There is so one size fits all answer.

So, what does good management look like?

The most effective educators are leaders by example and base their management style on mutual respect, strong relationships, flexibility, and clear expectations. New technology provides innovative tools that educators can implement to create a positive classroom environment. 

Here are three excellent additions to your classroom management toolbox:

ClassDojo – With stunningly cute monster avatars representing students, Class Dojo is effective crowd control for the classroom teacher. Both free to educators and completely customizable, Class Dojo offers classroom management based on positive reinforcement and proactive teaching.  Class Dojo generates detailed reports that are shareable with both parents and administrators. Educators especially like the ability to manage Class Dojo from their mobile devices.

Stick Pick– Stick Pick is simplicity at its best. This virtual version of the soup can with popsicle sticks takes random student selection to the next level by choosing and differentiating questions for learners. Teachers can modify difficulty while developing questions based on a variety of topics.

Class Badges– Reminiscent of my old Girl Scout Badges, Class Badges allows teachers to award unique virtual badges to students. Badges can be aligned to academic or behavioral goals.

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