Free Online Games to Teach Typing



Keyboarding is important. Really important. Considered a crucial 21st century skill, typing is expected of children at a younger age and for a variety of purposes. From online test taking, to creating documents and communicating, solid typing skills hold a variety of benefits.

  • Increased productivity Students who are skilled keyboardists can complete projects and papers more efficiently.
  • Keyboarding involves reading. Aside from letter recognition, spelling and sentence structure will also expand.
  • Keyboarding improves memory and hand-eye coordination.
  • Good keyboarding skills promote independence.

Teaching students how to type at an early age  is a solid investment. Not only important for the classroom, proper keyboarding skills can ensure student success in the workplace. How can we hone our student’s keyboarding skills at an early age? A wide variety of free web-based tools are available to help younger students become master typists.

  • Big Brown Bear– Big Brown Bear teaches touch typing skills while promoting letter recognition. Difficulty increases as students achieve mastery.
  • Key Seeker– Ideal for kindergarten students, Key Seeker teaches typing, letter recognition and differentiating between right and left.
  • KeyBoard Climber– Help the monkey get to the top of the tree by quickly typing the letters on the screen.
  • Typing Ghost– The objective: destroy the ghosts by typing the words.
  • Key Man– Similar to Pac-Man, students can devour the food by typing words and letters.
  • Keyboarding Bubbles– Simple, yet effective, Keyboarding Bubbles challenges the user to type the letter on the bubble.
  • Barracuda– Help the Barracuda keep the river clean by typing the words in the box.

These simple keyboarding games are ideal for small sections of time or technology centers. Students will enjoy the practice in a familiar gaming format.



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