Using Technology in the Physical Education Setting

Making a connection between Physical Education and ed tech proves to be a challenging task, especially when some think that there should be no connection at all.  Considering the primary goal of physical education is to increase physical activity, tech integration seems almost counterintuitive.

Despite the fact that phys ed is about active participation, educational technology, when integrated properly is not about replacing physical activity, but enhancing the experience.  Tech tools can provide motivation, broaden general knowledge of phys ed concepts, and serve as an effective assessment tool.

Here is what it may look like in practice:

Socrative– Turn your mobile device into an easy to use assessment tool.  Socrative can provide effective formative or summative data, while allowing students immediate feedback.

Skype– Allow students to Skype with experts  in the fields of sports or nutrition, or partner with a school abroad and learn about a foreign sport.  Real world experts and experiences can make learning both meaningful and engaging for the student.

QR Codes– Prepare QR Codes as digital task cards. Codes can be linked to videos, or simply requesting students to perform certain skills.

YouTube– The digital age has brought about a variety of online videos that can demonstrate sporting skills and explain rules.  Flip this idea by allowing students to record and upload video content to the internet.

KidBlog– Blogging can be ideal for tracking and reflecting on progress. Allow students two entries a month where they can blog about their successes and challenges with different sporting skills and tasks.

Showcase your Program– Using web based presentation tools such as Prezi or simply recording highlights with your mobile device can showcase the variety of skills covered throughout the school year.

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