Classroom Wikis

A Wiki is crowdsourcing at its best. With an easy to edit format that requires no knowledge of HTML, a classroom Wiki page allows all students the opportunity to edit, add or modify, regardless of technology skill level.  In essence, students become content creators, contributing to a vast database of information. A Wiki holds many benefits for the classroom.

  • Simplicity
  • Most are free
  • Fosters ownership in the learning process
  • Enables project collaboration
  • Enables wide scale collaboration
  • Edits are instantaneous
  • Wikis are flexible.

Setting up a Wiki is easy using Wikispaces or Pbworks. With a simple registration process, a Wiki platform will offer a friendly interface that users can become quickly familiar with.

Wikis have been widely used in the classroom and have taken on many different roles:

  • Reference-Students can become experts in a topic by creating an online database for the class or district.
  • Exchanges-Wikis can be used for cultural exchanges between classrooms on a local or global level.
  • Study Guides-Allow students to create study guides for test prep.
  • Portfolios-Students can create portfolios on any subject.
  • Assessment– Students can demonstrate knowledge. Compose a piece that explains a process or demonstrate wiriting or grammar skills using a Wiki page.
  • Collaborative authoring– Students can create collaborative classroom stories.
  • Dictionary- Foster vocabulary skills by creating a classroom dictionary.
  • Feedback– Allow students to peer review writing pieces.
  • Book discussions– Students can reflect on favorite books and recommend books to other students.
  • Classroom managment– Post homework, due dates, and classroom rules.
  • Classroom memory book– Chronicle the memorable events in your classroom.

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